Some things to keep in mind when fitting a pool in the house

This article is for all those of you who have been dreaming of having a swimming pool installed in their backyard. Look out for the right pool installation company that can meet with installation requirements. The Riverina FibreGlass Pools use only the highest grades of vinyl ester resins and glass fibre products available in the manufacture of pools, thus making it a hassle free pool installation.

Here are some tips on what you must do and things to be definitely avoided while planning, designing and installing a swimming pool in your house.
As for every big investment, the planning process for your pool,(must be initiated with a brief research on the various types of pools (there are three types of in-ground pools, namely, concrete, vinyl and fibre glass) and the latest technological options for water cleaning and filtering systems.

The pool shape and design is also very crucial for planning your dream pool and you must browse through swimming pool photo galleries available online or in magazines to identify the kind of design you would like to create.
It may be a good idea to also talk to friends and neighbours who have constructed swimming pools in their premises to understand challenges which they may have encountered and to learn from their experiences.
Based on the research you must prepare a broad budget of how much it is going to cost to install the swimming pool and also work out the long term operating and maintenance costs. While planning for your pool build in energy efficiency by investing in enclosures and covers for the pool to minimise evaporation of water and installing timers for pumps and lighting to minimise water and electricity wastages.
Since pools in residential area are subject to building regulations don’t forget to get the required approvals from the local government before initiating construction. Also don’t forget to check with your insurance company whether having a swimming pool would affect your home owner’s policy in any way and include the additional insurance cost in your long term budget. Do not site the pool in a low lying part of your property to avoid flooding during rainy season. Last but not the least do not hold back on any special feature or accessory which you may want to have in your pool, always remember remodelling a pool is much tougher than the initial installation.


Three things to consider when fitting a towboat in your Car

Here are some things to keep in mind while selecting and using equipment to tow your boat with your car.
The trailer must be suitable for your boat : It is absolutely critical that the trailer is suitable for your boat with respect to its length, width and weight. You could choose between the three types of trailers available, namely, the multi roller type, one with a combination of rollers and skids and one fitted only with skids. The trailer should be long enough to support the whole length of the hull but short enough to allow unrestricted movement of any outboard motor leg fitted to the boat.
Check the specified gross weight limits of your trailer and never exceed them: One must check the compliance plate of the trailer to ensure that one doesn’t exceed the specified gross weight of the trailer. While calculating the gross weight of your trailer you would need to take into account the weight of the boat, trailer, engine and fuel.
Prepare and go through a pre travel checklist: Your pre-travel checklist must include the following elements: tyres must be in good condition and properly inflated; the tow coupling between the car and trailer must be properly connected and fastened. Tow bars should be able to take the additional weight. Westcott Towbars provides a good range of towing equipment. Other components to check are the electrical plug must be connected to the vehicle and all lights should be functional; safety chains must be secured; wheel bearings should be full of waterproof grease; the boat trailer must be evenly loaded from front to the rear; the side mirrors must be properly installed to get a clear view; the car braking system must be operating well; and a red light must be installed to the outboard leg for travel at night.
Before you travel with your tow boat it is important to first familiarise yourself with towing a boat trailer. One must practise driving, turning and reversing in an open uncluttered area. While towing a boat one should drive at slow or moderate speeds and avoid any sudden breaking to ensure that there is no damage to the trailer and the boat. As the turning radius of a car with a tow boat is much higher allow more room for turning in order to avoid collisions.